Using prefabricated aluminum sliding doors, is it difficult to maintain? There is an answer.

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Using prefabricated aluminum sliding doors, is it difficult to maintain?            There is an answer.

Using prefabricated aluminum sliding doors, is it difficult to maintain?

There is an answer.
For anyone who chooses to use the finished type of aluminum sliding door It's not just the satisfaction after the beautiful installation. but should also know how to maintain it so that the equipment can be used for a long time Do not have to spend money on repairs more often than that when taking good care of it will make it look like new. as luxurious as the first day The question is, is this type of door difficult to maintain? What should I do? Let's find out.

Is the finished aluminum sliding door difficult to maintain?
If asked about the difficulty in taking care of finished aluminum sliding doors Let me tell you that it's not as difficult as you think, just understanding the right way. Including paying attention to details so that the door can be used efficiently. Therefore, I would like to explain in the next section about how to maintain and what should not be done with this type of door.

Prefabricated Aluminum Sliding Door Maintenance.
1. Be careful not to let any hard or sharp objects hit the sliding door. because it will cause scratches difficult to repair or sometimes the weight is heavy It is thick when hit and may cause the shape of your door to be distorted.
2. Do not paste any stickers or adhesive tapes on the finished aluminum sliding door. Many people think that it's okay to stick. When you peel it off, everything is over. but the truth is The stickiness of the tape when exposed to heat for a long time will cause firm adhesion with the aluminum body, so it is difficult to remove. and also cause the area in that part to be scratched, not beautiful
3. To clean sliding aluminum doors, it is recommended to use a blow dryer or wipe with a dry cloth 1 round to remove dust, wavy and dirt, followed by a warm cloth dampened in water. Or plated with a specific solution to wipe aluminum materials only, such as Solvent or anyone who doesn't have it can use dishwashing liquid. But do not choose a type with high acid - alkaline. Because when it hits the material, there will be a reaction. Color fades easily. Then wipe it with a clean dry cloth again.
4. Whenever sliding, if there is any abnormality of the sliding door, it must be noticed immediately. don't leave it because there may be something to scrub the rail or the door is damaged by other factors without you noticing will cause danger easily Therefore, if an abnormal point is found, a technician should be called and repaired immediately.
From all the conclusions, it can be seen that the finished aluminum sliding doors are not as difficult to maintain as you think. just relying on attention And keep an eye on the abnormality of the door that is used regularly. This is ready to help extend the lifespan. Do not have to spend money on repairs or replacement often as well.

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