What is the benefit of UPVC sliding windows ? What is UPVC ?

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What is the benefit of UPVC sliding windows ? What is UPVC ?

What are the advantages of UPVC sliding windows ?


What are UPVC windows and doors, suitable for your home? This article will help you in making a purchase decision.

          First, let's talk about the material, what is UPVC ?
          The word UPVC comes from the word Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, a petrochemical substance in the plastic group. but has different properties There is a mixture of titanium dioxide (Titanium dioxide) into the UPVC material, or some people call this type of material that vinyl. It is a durable material used to produce various items. Many, including being used as frame of sliding door frame is currently popular The frame can be made by melting UPVC in high heat. Then use a machine to roll out into strips. After that, the strands are joined at the corners and welded together with the heat from the machine. becomes the frame of sliding doors of various sizes

            Features of UPVC

          It is a very durable material, heat resistant, sun resistant, water and chemical resistant. Durable in all high conditions Resistant to termites, insects as well. Due to the durability of UPVC itself, it is used to produce a variety of structural materials. Including sliding window and door frames, it is also popular to use UPVC to produce as well.

             Advantages of UPVC sliding windows and doors

              Joining the corner of the UPVC frame can be done by machine welding. Heat the material to stick together. Therefore making it waterproof and dustproof into the building and construction well Strong, resistant to all weather conditions, including heat from UV rays, and also has impact resistance. In addition, it also makes the house or building look modern and beautiful. Has a long service life, durable. At present, there is a development of UPVC sliding doors by adding steel inside the frame to strengthen and be more durable. The steel inside will not rust due to the welding of the frame, thus preventing water or air outside from reaching the steel body. Makes the steel reinforced inside not decay or rust for sure


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