How to properly install aluminum and UPVC sliding doors and windows

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How to properly install aluminum sliding doors and UPVC windows

 Installation of prefabricated sliding doors and windows correctly according to principles to avoid problems in use later There are simple methods and principles:

Equipment that must be prepared before installation

  • Laser level or water level meter (can be interchangeable)
  • drill bit for masonry drilling
  • electric drill
  • Silicone or some people call it sealant.


Step 1. Checking the size of the cement edge or cement wall :We have to check the size of the sliding door or window that will be installed to ensure that they fit together.

Have to have an allowance on each side about 1 centimeter or 4 millimeters on each side if the cement wall frame fits the size of the door and window too much

may cause difficulty in installation When checking the size of the cement wall frame by a laser or a water level meter, whether it is smooth or not. because if not

level may result in problems later, such as sliding doors that are stiff, sliding doors that cannot be locked, or sliding doors that do not close completely, etc.


Step 2. Solution when prepared cement edges are not level

  • The first way is to grind off the edge of the cement. To get the level to be a 4-square scene.



  • The second method we can use in case the cement frame is not too distorted or deformed. which can be fixed at the frame of the door by using a tightening nut to get 4 square angles



Step 3. Installing the frame and the screened glass door

When the edge of the prepared cement has been leveled, lift the glass door and mosquito net out of the frame. After that, slowly lift the frame up and put it in the edge of the cement. Use a pen to mark the hole in the anchor to embed the anchor.


Then lift the frame down to embed the anchor first, then lift the frame up and put it in the cement frame again and shoot the bolts to fix the frame to level.

Step 4. Checking and checking the order of the product

When the transom frame has fixed the bolts at a good level, then lift the glass door and mosquito net back into the transom as before. Once the glass panes and mosquito screens have been installed, try sliding the glass panes and mosquito screens to see if the light channel is level or not. sliding and locking all right or not.

If it's already done, then silicone shooting to keep the job.


That's all, the sliding doors and windows are now installed.

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