Liding Doors and Windows are stiff, How to fix it ?

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Liding Doors and Windows are stiff, How to fix it ?

Sliding sliding, How can it be fixed?

Many people install sliding doors and windows at home and feel that the use or sliding of the sliding window is stiff. There are 2 main reasons as follows.

      1. If the installation has been completed, the use is stiff, there is a high probability that it is "falling into the belly of an elephant" or simply called sagging, bending or bent until the form or distance is different from the normal installation. orientation.

Installation that is not level from the cement frame causes "falling". The uneven cement causes the sash to bend. In the part of the frame, the curve is bent until it is deformed. from the squeezing of the cement frame


      2. If there is a stiffness from use for a while, it is caused by wear of the slide rail or there is dust, stone chips or dirt in the slide rail.

The wear of the guide roller is caused by long-term use or dirt that gets stuck in the roller body. Makes scrolling work not smooth or jammed



How to check if your sliding door or window falls into the elephant's belly and how to fix it

can be done by Use an instrument that measures the water level. Inspect the cement frame both above and below to see if it is level enough or not. If it is not level, it can be corrected by grinding the mortar in excess.

Get out to get to the right level, then shoot the silicone to collect the job at the edge of the transom. At this point, we can return to use the doors and windows normally.





That's all, your sliding doors and windows that used to be stiff can come back to work smoothly as before.


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