How often should we clean windows in our homes ?

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How often should we clean windows in our homes ?

  Many people must have wondered how often we take care of everyday objects. For example, when does the toothbrush that we use have to be changed or do we have to rub the house every day?
Which today we will talk about cleaning the glass of the house window that should be cleaned often.

When should I clean my windows ?

  Cleaning windows depends on two things: rain and wind.
First of all, rainwater hitting the glass will carry the dust on the glass along the water droplets and flow into the glass grooves.
The second is that the gusts of wind will blow dust everywhere on the windows. The more things come together, the more our windows need to be cleaned.

Why do you need to clean windows ?

  Taking care of glass can sometimes save you more money than you think. If there is a lot of dust on the windows, it will obscure the light from outside, making the house look dim, causing sometimes the lights in the house to be turned on even during the day. Sometimes some dust has a hard texture that is blown by the wind around the glass, causing the glass to have a groove for more dust to cling to. And most importantly, having clean windows makes people in the house feel good as well.

How to clean windows ?

  To clean the glass, you can use general cleaning products to clean it, but if anyone wants to use household items to clean, then have to click to see in this article How to wipe the glass from the inside of the house.
As for the glass grooves, you can use a toothbrush dipped in clean water or cleaning solution to scrub along the grooves as well.


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