What is safety glass and how strong is it ?

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What is safety glass and how strong is it ?

What is safety glass



Safety glass is glass that is made specifically for the purpose of safety and protection against theft. It is seen in tall buildings or automatic sliding doors. which are mainly classified into 2 types according to the properties and production process of the glass mainly

Tempered Glass



Tempered safety glass is glass that is designed so that when it is broken, it scatters into corn kernels. Make those who are close to not get cut by the glass. Help in safety In most cases, we can find tempered glass in tall buildings that have glass all around. or doors without frames, such as automatic sliding doors in department stores various convenience stores Bathroom Partition product showcase


In which this type of glass is produced by removing smooth glass or general clear glass. Bring it through the heat treatment process, heat it at 650-700 degrees Celsius and use cold air to cool it down immediately. Makes the glass 3-5 times stronger, the glass itself can withstand more heat. but not fire proof And when destroyed, it will break into sharp corn grains. making it not dangerous when the glass breaks


Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is the use of tempered glass or ordinary glass from 2 or more sheets pasted together with a film in the middle of the glass. It is a safety glass that helps prevent theft. due to being sandwiched in the middle by a film When this type of glass is hit or destroyed until it breaks. The mirror will not fall. But the glass will be attached to the film itself.


This type of glass is definitely stronger. Because using more glass stacked together It definitely helps in soundproofing, heatproofing and UV light. Because it uses stacked glass, it is more difficult to be beaten. Even though he was hit to the ground, he was unable to enter the building.

At present, this type of glass is used both architecture It's a sliding door. Hotel balcony glass High-rise building glass or home decoration to prevent invasion as well

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