UPVC sash and aluminum sash How are they different ?

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UPVC sash and aluminum sash How are they different ?

Aluminum sliding doors and UPVC sliding doors How are they different ? which one to choose

Aluminum and UPVC, these 2 materials are popular to be used to produce both sliding door and window frames. How does it have different pros and cons? which one to choose Which one is suitable for your home? This article will help you make a decision.

Slide UPVC Doors


Advantages of UPVC sliding doors                           

- because the material is plastic so there is color in the material make even if planing or cutting, scraping The color is still the original color. There is no problem with the color of the material. The homogeneity of the plastic makes the color smooth and natural.

- Use forging and then use a heating machine to connect together Therefore causing water to not be able to enter the frame through the joints high strength, intact Not deformed like steel, water resistant, insect resistant and resistant to chemicals.

- Due to the assembly of the corner of the frame, the air cannot enter. Therefore, steel can be added inside the frame to increase strength without rusting or decaying.

- The plasticity that connects together is flexible. Resulting in good soundproofing, good waterproofing, difficult to break.

- Very durable, do not need to be replaced often. Ten years of service life

Disadvantages of UPVC sliding doors

- Price of various materials used for production. Some raw materials must be imported from abroad. As a result, the price is high, the total price per house is high as well.

- The frame cannot be disassembled. Because it is produced by welding the frames together. Therefore, it is not possible to change the parts individually. Must be removed, replaced, lifted the frame only.

- Installation must be installed on the edge of the cement that is dry and level, cannot be installed as a wet plaster. because it will cause usability problems in sliding and locking is not completely because the edge of the cement frame is not level

- If there is a crack from cutting with a sharp object, then it cannot be fixed or repainted. If you want to fix it, you must change the door.

Aluminum Sliding Door


Advantages of aluminum sliding doors

- Does not rust, does not swell or deform. Resistant to termites, insects, easy care

- Due to the aluminum material, it is a durable and lightweight material. Resulting in extending the life of the sliding rail system and casters to be used longer

- Aluminum material is a low cost material. than other metals with similar properties therefore making it a cheap price

- The frame can be disassembled separately. making it easy to repair because the structure is used to combine and easy to clean

- Nowadays, there are many colors to choose from. to suit building houses

- Non-flammable, non-flammable due to the properties of metal

Disadvantages of aluminum sliding doors

- not resistant to impact or pressure Scratches and dents easily

- Not suitable for waterfront homes or by the sea, the aluminum body reacts with salty steam cause corrosion

- not heat resistant because it is metal therefore conducting heat and exothermic

- Dust and noise can enter inside along the seam of the aluminum frame.


Difference between slide UPVC and Slide Aluminum 


    Examples of UPVC sliding structures          Example of aluminum sliding structure

- Due to the connection of the aluminum frame as a combination It does not use heat to weld like UPVC, so it is waterproof, rainproof, and soundproof as well as UPVC.

- Aluminum frames are thinner than UPVC sliding doors. therefore making it suitable for small rooms and want the room to look wider

- UPVC sliding doors Better resistant to humidity and salty air in the air. aluminum sliding door

- Sliding UPVC with natural color and texture suitable for residential homes aluminum sliding door It is thin and hard in color and texture. Suitable for office buildings

- Sliding UPVC protection against heat from the sun better access to the house aluminum sliding door

- The price of aluminum sliding doors is cheaper than UPVC sliding doors.

- Aluminum sliding Non-combustible, non-combustible UPVC sliding part It's not tinder either. But when exposed to fire, UPVC can produce dangerous toxins.

- Aluminum sliding doors are easier to clean. Sliding UPVC UPVC sliding door Stains are easily ingrained, making it difficult to clean.

- Aluminum sliding doors are easier to repair. Sliding UPVC Because every piece can be disassembled, including the frame, it can be separated.

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