What is a safety net ? Can I replace wrought iron ?

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What is a safety net ? Can I replace wrought iron ?

What is a safety net ?

safety net is another option with anti-theft features Not losing the installation of wrought iron sets Different from normal mosquito nets That was made to prevent insects while opening the ventilation sash only to let the air flow because it can prevent destruction as well


Stainless steel does not rust


in the safety net Made from 304 stainless steel material, which is the finest stainless steel. premium grade because the material used is stainless steel Therefore it will not rust for sure. Homes near the water or by the sea can use sliding screens with security screens without worrying about rust. The material is made to prevent tearing, tampering, intrusion and is firmly fixed to the sliding frame. prevent the mosquito net from falling off the window


Resistant to scratches from pets

It can be relied on to prevent tearing. especially homes with pets such as dogs or cats that tend to cause the screen to be scratched and torn damaged The safety net will be a good helper for you ever.

Does not obscure the design of the house



More importantly, in addition to being durable, it helps to enhance safety. It also makes the house or building not obscured by the beauty of the design. whether looking from inside the house or looking from outside But still able to open the window to get the wind reliably and feel safe It will help in preventing insects or reptiles from entering the house while we leave the windows open.

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