How good is it to install house glass film? Why are you stuck? What help at home ?

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How good is it to install house glass film? Why are you stuck? What help at home ?

What is home glass film ?

  Window film is a plastic sheet that filters out light and UV radiation that is attached to the windows in various points of the house. Most are made of solid color polyester with adhesive on one side to adhere to the glass.

How good is it to install film on the house glass? What can it help?

  Glass film can help in filtering UV light that shines through the glass and also acts as an insulator to help keep the house cool. Some types are good quality film that can hold the glass fragments from scattering when the glass is broken.

How many types of home glass film are there?

  There are 3 types of home glass films: beautiful decorative films, opaque films for privacy, and light filtering films.

  1. Most decorative decorative films are thin sheets that are not good at filtering UV rays, but focus on beautiful patterns and colors.

2. Opaque film for privacy, most of them are opaque or completely black, making it difficult to see through the window, providing more privacy.

3. Window film is the most commonly used film because it prevents UV rays from entering the house, making the house cooler.

Advantages of installing home glass film

  1. Save energy - All types of films can filter light to a certain extent, thus helping to cool the house, causing the air conditioner to work less, thereby reducing electricity bills.
  2. Increase privacy - All types of films can filter light to a certain extent, making it difficult for the outside to see into the house even if it is a beautiful film.
  3. Reduce glare and glare into the house - The film can cut the light, reducing glare and glare into the house.

Disadvantages of installing home glass film

  1. At night there is no effect - because the film on the glass is made to filter sunlight into the house. If we turn on the lights in the house at night Outside, you can look into the house as if it weren't attached to anything. Except for the opaque film that acts as a partition between the inside of the house and the outside.
  2. Not suitable for cold weather - For homes in cold regions that need sunlight to warm the house should not install film because it will make the house even colder.

Is it worth it to install window film ?

  Due to the advantages of disadvantages, if we need privacy at night, it can be used to close the curtains and for Thailand already in the hot weather. The disadvantages for the cold house can be overlooked except. For people who live in the North and the Upper Northeast where the weather in the winter is very cold, making the film stick on and making it even colder, but for those who don't have any problems, we recommend that it should be attached. In rooms where there is a lot of light that makes the room hot and living room and office because the film will reduce the reflection from the window that hits on the TV or computer screen, making it difficult to see the screen

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