Doors and Windows according to feng shui principles. How to position it to be popular ?

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Doors and Windows according to feng shui principles. How to position it to be popular ?

Doors and Windows according to feng shui principles.

according to Feng Shui textbooks There are principles for positioning and numbering of doors and windows. for good luck and wealth to the residents Let's see how the feng shui principles for the placement of doors and windows can be done.

1. 3 Windows per 1 Door



The number of shutters, 1 door per 3 windows, for example, having 3 doors must have 9 windows, etc. Because the number is auspicious according to Feng Shui principles, try to avoid the number 4 because according to Chinese beliefs, the number 4 is the symbolic number of death Ugly that.

2. Front door


The front door must be larger than the back of the house. The front door must be larger than the back door. It is considered a feng shui principle in terms of keeping money and property from leaking. Because the house is like a bag of money and a bag of gold for the residents. The bag's mouth is wide open, it will allow the money to enter well.

3. East

There should be an entrance door or window facing east. because it is a good direction is the direction that receives the first light in the morning of a new day Give wealth to bring luck to those who live. The wrong direction is north. According to feng shui principles, the north is the windy direction. bring drought brought disease to the inhabitants As for the western part, the people in the house are not at odds with each other. because it is the direction that the light enters in the afternoon heat up the house According to belief, it will make people in the house have a hot temper. have problems, quarrel easily

4. The front of the house is not cluttered.

Do not let anything block the door


The main front entrance of the house must be open and airy. not to have anything to obscure according to feng shui principles The front entrance door must not be blocked or obscured. There must be sunlight and the wind blows through well. The big tree obscures the front of the house, so it's not a good idea. If it can be done according to belief That house will receive only good things. Fortune and money flowing in abundance

5. Front Door and Back Door


The front door and the back door are strictly forbidden to match. because it will cause the energy that comes through the front through the back door which will affect the finances or can't keep the money In addition, having a glass back or a glass back door is not good. because it will reflect the energy to bounce back If it's difficult to solve It is advisable to find a round table to place between the doors.

All these articles are part of a variety of Feng Shui textbooks to choose from. used as appropriate only


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