Popular sliding door styles that many people choose to use.

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Popular sliding door styles that many people choose to use.

Popular sliding door styles that many people choose to use.
Nowadays, the popularity of sliding doors is very strong. because it is beautiful Save space, inexpensive, most importantly, there are many styles suitable for homes. Therefore, it is not strange that many people want to install it. However, understanding the style of this type of door is important because it helps to plan and design the side properly. Normally, there are 5 commonly used formats as follows:

Switchable Sliding Door
It is considered a sliding door style that is seen very often. This allows for a good walk-through alternative. But it would be suitable for 1 person walking out at a time because the size of the sliding door is equivalent to the size of opening a general door. suitable as a balcony door or on the side of the house

Double Slide
Another type of sliding door that is easy to open. and has gained popularity as well Because just by pulling out the 2 doors, they will open at once on the left and right. Suitable for installation as a door in an office where people come in and out often or many people go in and out at a time.

Triple Sliding Door
This type of sliding door when opening-closing can slide over 3 layers, but it is not popular due to its complexity in use, suitable for homes that require a wide doorway. The average is only 2-4 meters, but the homeowner wants to move it out and see a large gap. Can't be installed with UPVC mosquito netting, but if it's mosquito netting Or pleated mosquito net, can be used comfortably

Four Sliding Doors
It is a sliding door that will have a width of 2.4 meters to 5 meters ever. Can be moved on and off in 4 steps. Anyone who is afraid of insects Or mosquitoes fly in the morning, can install sliding screens, safety screens to help again. Suitable for use as a home door or large balcony

Six Sliding Doors
Let's end with a sliding door 6 that has a width of the door from 4 - 6 meters, suitable for use as a door for a large house. Or resorts that want to open wide and see mountains, grasslands, sea or other beautiful views. However, installing mosquito nets to prevent insects or mosquitoes can only be used with pleated nets. and roll only Anyone who wants to use it as a UPVC sliding window will not be able to do so.

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