7 tricks for arranging the Work From Home corner to create a suitable atmosphere for work

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7 tricks for arranging the Work From Home corner to create a suitable atmosphere for work

7 tricks for arranging the Work From Home corner to look good
During this time, many people probably have to work from home, known as Work From Home, which the working environment of each person is different. Some people already have a corner to work at home. Some people have to rearrange their work corner, which in this article we have a few tricks to arrange the work corner to be suitable for sitting and working.

1. Get the right lighting

In choosing a working corner in the house, we should choose the right light. Not too dark and not too bright. so that when we work our eyes will not get tired quickly Many people choose to set their desk by the window to get the light from outside and good ventilation as well, sometimes the outside light is not enough. We recommend using a reading lamp to attach to the table, which sometimes the light from the outside and the ceiling may not be enough.

2. Light up the walls

For many people, you might think that lit up the wall, what will it help in our work? In fact, it makes the atmosphere bright, not depressing, resulting in us having a brighter emotion, able to work more efficiently, but if the atmosphere is dark, we will not have the mind to sit and work. over there

3. reserved seats

When we work at the same table and chair, sometimes we experience some fatigue. Finding a comfortable seat to sit and relax for a while to fill the battery, adjust our mood for 10-20 minutes and then go back to work again.

4. Pin the motivation to work.

Many people probably have some work goals or motivation. It is good for us to write a note and stick it on the wall or pin it on a small board to encourage morale. Maybe it's not necessary to be motivated to work alone. It might also be good to post a picture of your pet or a picture of your recent trip.

5. relieve

We shouldn't have too many things on our desks, causing us to sometimes not be able to find what we want or taking time to find things. with increased work efficiency

6. Organize

Even if the table is empty, sometimes there are pens, pencils, and erasers scattered all over the table. Finding a nice little box to put in your work tools will save space and help keep things on your desk in their place making it easy to pick up/store.

7. Add green

Having plants near your desk will give your desk a lively look. Whether it's a small cactus in the corner of the table or a large pot of fern next to the table, it enhances the work in the corner.

Source - https://www.rentomojo.com/blog/amp-up-your-wfh-corner-in-7-simple-steps/


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