How good is aluminum sliding window ? What is aluminum ?

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How good is aluminum sliding window ? What is aluminum ?

What are the advantages of aluminum sliding windows ? 

What is an aluminum window door? Suitable for your home or not. This article will help you in making a purchase decision.

what is aluminum material

Let's first talk about the material itself, what is aluminum (Aluminums). Aluminum is produced by heating bauxite through the heat treatment of the ore. to melt the slag fields out Leaving only pure alumina, or simply known as smelting. After that, the obtained alumina is melted with high heat. until it came out as an aluminum bar The aluminum that has been used as a raw material in the production of a variety of structural products. from soft drink cans to industrial applications for production Including being used to make frames for sliding doors and windows as well

Outstanding properties of aluminum

There are outstanding features. Twice the weight of steel but provides an excellent level of strength and durability can be easily cleaned Resistant to weather conditions, does not rust, even though the weight is lighter than steel. But the aluminum is able to support the weight well. It is a material that can be recycled and used again and again. Therefore, we often see that aluminum is used in building houses and buildings. Currently, to increase the strength of the aluminum material. It has been developed to be mixed with certain metals to enhance durability as well.

Advantages of aluminum sliding windows


The problem of leakage between joints is difficult to occur. Install and disassemble conveniently and easily. It is more modern than the old wooden windows. both in appearance and durability in use making it fit well with the design of the house or building Has a cheaper price than other materials But it can be used to produce sliding doors that are equally strong. Due to its durable aluminum body, it is a popular choice. in choosing sliding doors made of aluminum

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