3 UPVC Sliding Windows with Wrought Iron + 2 Layers of Glass


SKU : 8859107500898

Size 180x110 CM. 2 layers of clear green tinted glass, sun and UV protection. with protection from outside noise Middle braces prevent theft up to 100%


Features and advantages of the product

Made from good quality UPVC that can last for many decades.

The frames and door frames are reinforced with thick steel frames. thus making it many times stronger

Double layered clear green tinted glass protects from sunlight and UV rays. with protection from outside noise

The middle braces prevent theft up to 100% and are also easy to clean.

Beautiful wrought iron style, strong, modern

Built-in mosquito net, good value for money

3-layer locking system, more secure

Fittings that use Grade A quality have a long service life

The slide rails are made from high quality Standless Steel, open-close without jamming.
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