Aluminum Sliding Window, Stainless Steel Screen + Safety Glass


SKU : 8859107501345

Size 180x110 CM. 4 sliding rails, doors and windows more convenient scrolling Even if it's been tampered with, it won't fall off. 304 stainless steel screen, can't cut in, can prevent theft


Features and advantages of the product

Made of aluminum, beautiful, strong, not rusty

4 sliding rails system, durable, doors and windows more convenient scrolling Even if it was pried off, it would not fall off the track.

Laminated glass, 2 layers, unbreakable, 4-5 times stronger than general glass, thickness 8 mm.

Laminated with film in the center, if the glass is broken, the glass shards will not fall to the floor. still attached as a UV protection sheet

heat protection can keep noise from outside and prevent the intrusion from theft

304 stainless steel screen, not cut in, not rusty even installed on the seaside 100% anti-theft, mosquito and insect repellent

Doesn't tear even when clawed Impact and tamper resistant

5-layer locking system to prevent theft

Lock the glass door left-right
Lock the screen door, left-right
Central lock of safety glass
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