White Winking Sliding Aluminum Window


SKU : 8859107501116

Size 240x110 CM. Made from aluminum, strong and durable, guaranteed not to rust throughout the lifetime. Clear green glass cuts out heat and UV rays.


Features and advantages of the product

Made from strong and durable aluminum, guaranteed not to rust throughout the lifetime

Clear green glass cuts out heat and UV rays. Prevent outside noise

4 sliding rails to eliminate the problem of sliding glass doors and mosquito nets

The frame is strong by adding 4 lines of rail legs, making it even stronger.

not easily corroded

The door frames are close together. thus preventing small insects making it impossible to insert into the house

EPDM rubber sealing system, acid and alkali resistant, highly flexible Resistant to heat from sunlight well.

high quality fittings carefully selected have a long service life

The slide rails are made of quality stainless steel, open-close, slippery, not stuck.

Built-in mosquito net, strong, beautiful, good quality, worth the price
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